Can't find Chop School Thread? Any tips?

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Just wanted to have another read over some of the posts in that thread but couldnt find em using the search tool. Roll Any ideas or pointers? Icon_question Might be cool to put some of the tips in it into the tutorial section as I remember being some great stuff in there!
Kachanski Wrote:but couldnt find em using the search tool. Roll

yeah the search function doesn't seem to be working properly Baffled
Ah well that explains it! Thought it was me that didnt work properly, Grin Cheers Statto, I'll just have a gud root through the pages.

Anyone got any idea round what month that was again?
Kachanski Wrote:Anyone got any idea round what month that was again?

It was around mid to late March.

Sweet, I would of never seen this. Smile
we'll do another one soon - not forgotten Wave
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