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Anyone checked this software out?

More or less free (shareware stylee), and supports pretty much everything all the major sequencers do.

I haven't had time to really get into it, but looks like they'll be making the steinberg/cakewalk/digi pretty pissed off!

fuck, between this and the free version of SC I just read about in that other thread you can get a pretty serious 'free' rig these days. what a world. Smile
ive heard lots of good things about it, and got as far as dling

but im slightly put out by;

No automation (apparently)
Having to relearn, when im completely happy with what ive got ie theres nothing i can think of id like to do.

However, the dragndrop inserts of c4 (studio will do me) sounds great and very useful.

But obv lots of money.

I might try reaper.

Innit, tons of quality free stuff.
Tried it out a number of times over the years.

Midi editing is a JOKE - try programming a tune as we know it. Save a copy of the midi file every time you do an edit? HAHA LATERS

That's the big one, and there's few more (yes I have had a drink Teef ), but if you're more into mixing stems and so on then in fairness it has a lot of plusses.
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