SC Podcast 43

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Back again for the next episode by Rondema


01 Egotrip – Dreamworld (World of Dreams mix)
02 Pierre’s Pfantasy Club – Fantasy Girl
03 33.3 Queen – Searchin’
04 Fade II Black – In Sync
>> Joey Beltram – Subsonic Trance
05 Steve Poindexter – Computer Madness
>> Fade II Black – The Calling (Reprise)
06 Cyclone – A Place Called Bliss
07 Petra & Co – Just Let Go (Dubs)
08 Da Posse – It’s My Life (Aluh Mix)
09 M.I.C – OOBE1
10 Angel – Sweet Dreams (Nightmare Mix)
11 Reese & Santonio – Rock To The Beat
12 reese & Santonio – The Sound (Acid Remix)
13 Space Opera – Space 3001 (Parts 1 and 2)
14 Quartz – Meltdown (Hardcore Club Mix)
15 Tronik House – Uptempo
16 LeftField – Not Forgotten
17 A Guy Called Gerald – Emotions Electric
>> Joey Beltram – Energy Flash

Rondema says to his mix:

“A mix of acid-house-techno-bleep. Most of these tracks I first heard on pirate radio or rave tapes around 1990 (but didn’t know many track names until fairly recently)
I’m sure these tunes will sound just as good in another 20 years. Turn it up!”


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A few mix factoids:

Pierre’s Pfantasy Club – Fantasy Girl (1987) first appearance of Felix Da Housecat (keyboard motif)

Egotrip – Dreamworld (World of Dreams mix) is Roger Sanchez's first release (1990)
This tune was the catalyst for this mix.. it's been in my head for 19 years and is brilliant in it's simplicity

Angel – Sweet Dreams (Nightmare Mix) is Dave Angels first release (1990) (mercilessly edited for this mix)

33 1/3 Queen – Searchin’ is a 1990 reworking of A Guy Called Gerald - Blow Your House Down (1988 ) (lacks bottom end on this mix sorry)

Tronik House – Uptempo (1991) is the only post 1990 track I think, but as it's Kevin 'Reese' Saunderson I forgive myself. Could easily have been a two hour mix without straying this side of 1990 or hitting some of the more obvious tracks of the era... however feel free to follow the mix with Mr Fingers - Can U Feel It Lovesmilie
Icon_yippee nice one rondema - look forward to this
Cool. Downloading now.

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Nice mix man Grin
Full on memory lane business Smile
subvert Wrote:06 Cyclone – A Place Called Bliss

This is still one of my favourite tunes ever, just brings back soooo many memories.
Always great to hear it in a mix Cool

Thank you my good man Grin

this mix is amazing Icon_yippee
Whats the tune @ 40mins?
Reese & Santonio – The Sound (Acid Remix)

Glad people are enjoying the mix Grin
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will grab later, nice TL.

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Missed this entirely!

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