Best tune you've heard all day.

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Current Value.

Position Chrome, Don Q beginnings to now. Always a pleasure.

track of the year...


^^ hell yeah! Good tune.

I listened to this March, 2022, Clark RA mix yesterday. GREAT!!!

Near the ending of the mix, the Nathan Fake "Untitled' tune after Current Value @ 1:00:51 mins in.. wow.

The entire mix is superb, very much enjoyed the random drops & fades. One of the greats within the RA mix catalog. Recommended.


Bartok - Dorian Mode From Mikrokosmos
Sun Ra - Love In Outer Space
Basil Kirchin - My Unintended
Basic Channel - Mutism
Albert Ayler - Spiritual Unity
Bendik Giske - Adjust
Todd Dockstader - Water Music
Clark - Dark Acid Climbs
C Yoshiu Wada - Reed modulations
Eliane Radigue - Opus 17
Eliane Radigue - Vice Versa
Bernard Parmegiani - Premiere Series
Positive Centre - Mycelial Culture
Gajek - Connected By Pipes (Live Version)
Clark - Entropy Polychord
Suicide - Ghost Rider
Clark - Unreleased dmx jam
Clark - Untitled
PTP - Show Me Your Spine
Blawan - Underbelly
Thomas Bangalter - Spinal Scratch
Clark - Unreleased
Steve Poindexter - Computer Madness
Clark - Unreleased
Clark - Unreleased
Clark - Unreleased
Burial - New Love/Anti Dawn
Clark - Abyss Thick And Wide
Mary J Blige - Real love
Ricardo Villalobos - Ichso
Clark - Already Ghosts
Black Dog - Olivine
Clark - Springtime Epigram
Balil - Choke And Fly
Clark - Unreleased
Nathan Fake - Unreleased
Clark - Unreleased
Archetype - Chant
Laguna Seca - Twin Set
Current Value - Atonement
Nathan Fake - Untitled
Clark - Slow Haunt
Clark - Lambent Rag (Alt Version) Arseny Avraamov - Symphony Of Sirens
^^ better than I expected Wink
^^ They have a varied sound so far. Sometimes hinting at a Husker Du, and darker Uk Subs sound in places. I dig it.

Drew McDowall live at Instants Chavirés Montreuil 2022

I listened to Unwound for the first time in forever today. "Challenge For A Civilized Society" lp is still fantastic. Pacific NW sounds never seem to fade.

^^ That tune is comforting too. Smile

Boldy James - Killing Nothing. (CD)
Tyler Childers - Can I Take My Hounds To Heaven? (LP)
The Chisel - Retaliation (LP)
High Vis - Blending (LP)
Various Artists - The Best of Metal Blade Vol. 1 (LP)
Judge - Vivo En WNYU (7")

^^ Will be checking out the Tyler Childers stuff as well. Smile
AC/DC - Thunderstuck.

Pretty good 😊

Stumbled across this tune on Formation from '96. Unknown to me up to now. Great tune
Music critic for the Tally Ho
Original Nutstand...

(26th May 2023, 20:09)Statto Wrote: Original Nutstand...

listening to this again cheers me up
I want to look like a girl who looks like a boy wearing a dress...

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