Muttley - Back To Mine III

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The 50th SubVersion instalment brings a special New Year gift into circulation...

Dark Days, They Make Us Believe We're Someone Else

01. Coil - Where Are You? (from the album Musik To Play In The Dark CD 2)
02. Zelienople - Slaving (from the album Gone OST)
03. Oophoi - Dimensional Passage (from the album Night Currents)
04. Hildur Gudanottir, BJ Nilsen & Stillupsteypa - How To Catch The Right Thought (from the album Second Childhood)
05. Fennesz - City Of Light (from the album Venice)
06. Milieu - Six Fourteen (from the album Brother)
07. Aphex Twin - SAW Untitled 1 (from the album Selected Ambient Works Vol.2)
08. Lawrence English & Tom Hall - Lines Twine Oscillation (from the album Euphonia)
09. Koen Holtkamp - Night Swimmer (from the album Field Rituals)
10. Obfusc - Alto Piano (from the split w/ David Tagg)
11. Sawako - Incense Of Voice (from the album Hum)
12. Atomic Skunk - Suspended Ascent (free download -
13. Inverz - New Found Lands, New Found Sounds (from the album Slow)
14. Richard Skelton - Shore (from the album Marking Time)
15. Mogwai - Chocky (from the album Come On Die Young)
16. Lamenter - Kinski For Halloween (from the album Sleeping Me)
17. Inverz - Everything In Order (from the album Slow)
18. Greg Haines - Caesura (from the album Slumber Tides)
19. Mono & World's End Girlfriend - Trailer 1 (from the album Palmless Prayer: Mass Murder Refrain)
20. Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Blaise Bailey Finnegan III (excerpt) (from the album Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada)
21. Arvo Part - The Beatitudes (from the album Part)
22. Sigur Rós - Viõrar Vel Til Loftárasa (from the album Ágætis Byrjun)

Download exclusively at SubVersion

Well here it be: my opus to end 2009. The first 'Back To Mine' - "Overshadowed" - was heralded as a return to being myself. The second - "Reflections" - a home listening catch-all for mental disorders. This, in its unhurried incantation, is for putting the past behind me, revisiting, and travelling to and from my chosen occupation - painting and decorating.

I hope you have a productive 2010 and that "Dark Days, They Make Us Believe We're Someone Else" won't dim your lights, those which I hope will shine brighter towards the good in the coming echoes.

Any feedback much appreciated. Smile

Good thoughts
Sigur Rós Lovesmilie

Will def check this mix soon.
will dl soon and give you feedback
very interesting read too
nabbing Rainbow
Annastay Wrote:Sigur Rós Lovesmilie

Will def check this mix soon.


Tracklist amended - tune 11 is Sawako - Incense Of Voice.
Primorcon Wrote:will dl soon and give you feedback
very interesting read too

Much appreciated Primorcon. Your words on "Isolate" really lifted my spirits and I hope you like this. Xyxthumbs
Statto Wrote:nabbing Rainbow

Kisskiss Wave
For anyone who enjoys this, I have a topic specially made for Ambient on DOA, which you can subscribe to via profile functions. Or, if you prefer, I can mail you when there's any substansial updates from my corner, or server.

"For the Ambient lovers..."

Muttley Wrote:Tea

[Image: tea.gif]
grabbing purely cos of that Atomic Skunk track.
Statto Wrote:
Muttley Wrote:Tea

[Image: tea.gif]

cube Wrote:grabbing purely cos of that Atomic Skunk track.

outsourced from a recommendation by yourself Wink
and Atomic Skunk has a new release out near the end of March. i've already pre-ordered.
I am listening to this again right now. Tweeted Matt Christensen of Zelienople to see if I can buy Gone OST (elsewhere in my family) as Mp3s, plus the new album. I'll let you know what he says.

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