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Tutorial: Native Instruments Massive Techniques from Breakitdown


This is my first post on this forum, so hi!
I write a blog about sound design for Native Instruments Massive.

Here is a link to my latest tutorial, Using Stepper creatively with Massive

My previous tutorials are here:

Using Envelopes to manipulate sound

Dub Techno synth stab with Native Instruments Massive

Using 'noise' to create atmosphere with Native Instruments Massive

I hope these are of use to someone!


hello there Wave

Nice one. Welcome to SC Smile

Hey folks Smile

Thanks for checking out the blog!

Very cool! Will be checking back regularly Smile

Thanks Icon_razz

Hey guys,

The latest tutorial for Native Instruments Massive is the first guest post from Rob Janssen (hopefully the first of many!).

In this article Rob talks about techniques to get rid of some of the sterility in Massive's sound for a more analogue emulation!

I hope this tutorial is of use!

Consider it merged Xyxthumbs

Good threads so I'd have been happy keeping them separate but it's nice and neat now. Keep up the good info! Grin

Wilshy Wrote:Consider it merged Xyxthumbs

Good threads so I'd have been happy keeping them separate but it's nice and neat now. Keep up the good info! Grin

Thanks Wilshy!

Here are the tutorials thus far:

A better default patch (guest post by Rob Janssen)

Techniques for analogue emulation with Massive (guest post by Rob Janssen)

Wavetables for nasty basslines

Using Stepper creatively in Massive

Using Envelopes to manipulate sound

Using ‘noise’ to create atmosphere

Dub Techno synth stab tutorial


There's a new tutorial up for Massive on - this time round for creating 'Dutch" house leads. Whilst the genre might not be your thing , the technique itself is an interesting one for learning some of Massive's routing capabilities.

Dutch house leads(guest post by Rob Janssen)

Looking forward to finding some time to work through these. Xyxthumbs


A new tutorial up up on my blog - A tutorial on making a dark, gritty bass stab with Massive.

Couple more...

Although there are no keyboard shortcuts for Massive, there are some modifier keys

The "hidden modulators" in Massive – the internal envelopes.

List of tutorials on the blog thus far!

Shuffled LFO with NI Massive

Saw Trance Lead

What are KTR,VEL, TrR, AT ?

Using Macros controls

Hi hat patterns with the noise OSC and performer Module

Scream filter and freq shift effect

Vocal wobble

Making Osc’s out of white noise

How to browse custom banks in NI Massive

Hidden Modulators in NI Massive

Dark Gritty Bass stab

808 kick drum emulation with NI Massive

Wavetable shaping, freq shift and osc cross fades

Performance editor video tutorial

How to make dutch house leads

A better default patch

Analogue emulation with NI Massive

Wavetables for nasty basslines

Using the stepper modulator

Using envelopes

Using Noise to create atmosphere

Massive crashing Ableton, Logic and Cubase

Using Noise to create atmosphere

Turntable scratching effect

CPU overload fix

TST 13 part dubstep wobble tutorial

Dub techno tutorial

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