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dsp Wrote:
Paradigm X Wrote:ah well

heres the raw recording, edited and layered a bit. No effects or processing. 909 live jam added on top for a laugh. just a 1 bar loop. Poss not best example of the synth but i started to get carried away... some more traditional stuff on youtube.

also loads of raw x0x. Out of interest one is a tb303 recording and 5 are x0xb0x, see if you can spot real 303.

only a qucik listen on the laptop but the xox seems more meaty Smile very similar though

Toally different beasts - x0x is fully anaolgue, shruthi is 8bit + analogue baord. x0x is also £350 more! not played with either for ages, trip to america and decorating Icon_sad
Wilshy Wrote:The SammichSID has arrived. No customs charge as well Xyxthumbs

Now to get a couple of cheap kits to practice on.

cool. velleman are good, get a little amp or something audio related. Or the bugbrand WOM. I need to fix mine.

I think DSP was comparing to a real 303 Wink

Looking for an amplifier kit based around the Tripath TA2020/2024 chip. Been reading loads about the sheer sound quality of these things. Cheap as chips to buy pre-made but could be a nice cheap experiment to get me used to soldering.
I just picked up the wicked sounding Ekdahl Moisturizer. It's not a DIY kit, but the the mods are DIY. Haven't gotten to mod'ing it yet, but it should produce great sounds. I think the first mod I will do will be the ->Filter after -> Reverb.

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Woh, that moisturiser looks awesome Eek I want one.

But not until ive cleared some backlog!

My x0xb0x kit has arrived with sexy aluminium case Lovesmilie

My backlog is getting ridiculous;

PSU for mixer
Steiner filters; bought all the bits for two variations, need to build the damn things.
Bipolar PSU
808 Kick PCB is on its way + need to find a way of triggering it. If succesful will try a few other 808 instruments, hats, clap and snare would be awesome.
Got some midi synced LFO chips on the way over as well.

I have actually built a few little distortion circuits, some better than others.

But want to get x0x going first, got a few live acid gigs coming up in summer.

Well ive started x0x - but hit a snag as one of the parts in the kit tunred out to be defective Icon_sad

have to wait until a replacement arrives. Pointless carrying on until i know each stage is right.

Shame really.

I was on a real roll.

Also f**ked up ordering the bits for the mixer PSU so cant progress that either. Grr. I HATE ordering electronic parts. Minefield. About a million things that all look the same but are different...

Oh well.
New bit turned up, works now Smile

PSU Complete, VCO nearly complete, got the sawtooth working, just wondering whether to socket the (f'in expensive!) transistor.

Also built a variable PSU to test it and a soundcard oscilloscope.

Also the 808 kick PCB has arrived but it needs drilling. Ouch. Its 6"x4" with about 42 tiny holes...

Also got some beta Midi syncd LFO chips on the way from america, analogue wobblez Teef
Waiting on my Aluminium x0x Casing to arrive from x0xsh0p \m/
Yeah, ive got one of those. Beautiful things.

You modded any of yours BTW? No room in the aluminium case, but once ive built it, ill know the insides backwards so might add some mods to my original one.

VCO finished and VCF finished now, depsite the weather (gardening).

All tests worked ok so far, need to calibrate the resonance, then onto the VCA and envelopes!

So prob not far off half way now Icon_yippee

[Image: 5617098971_60e64f5761_b.jpg]

Just need to shorten the pots a bit! get the knobs flush!

looking cool man! ive got a horrible feeling i may have trimmed my pots too chort and may have to replace Icon_sad

Weell see when we get there.

Ive completely finished the analogue section and the IO board and all connectors now. Just have to do the sequencer and the LEDs. ive got a set of blue but thinking of changing a few to other colours, need to play with the resistors.

I might even swap some out of the other x0x i have. def going to do some of the mods too.

Been a greta project and going surprisignly quickly, excellent build docs

Whats going on with the sammich mr wilsh?
Still studying for a Cisco exam, along with full time work (recently seconded to new role), along with many other life things so this is back burner and then some!!

I can only dream of the day I'll have some time to ruin it Grin
x0x i finished!!! Icon_yippee

Its too late now to test it but all the soldering is done!

Will have a go at it tomorrow night. If im ridiculously lucky it might just work but got to consider the possibility of snagging... All the tests you can do along the way passed, so im hopeful. Grin

Looks awesome tho, spent 2 whole days (Oops) trying out different coloured LEDs and associated resistors for brightness... but should be worth it.
Well, if anyones still readin this (Teef) ; it works ! Plugged it all together, soldering in all the jumper leads id forgotten, and it worked, programmed in a pattern, sounding great!

Then i broke off a voltage regulator ;

[Image: LM7805.jpg&sa=X&ei=WhHBTe74PI6j-gb_-pH6A...94XysTlXUQ]

trying to put on the heatsink... its been bent back and forwards a few times while building. So ordered a few more, and will have to few days for a new one to arrive. Gutted. Oh well, at least it worked first time.
Well done, do you have an oscilloscope to tune? i got one for my iphone, and this
No, just going to use my PC.

Ive got a soundcard oscilloscope but its a bit crap. Was just going to tune it by ear against a known C.

Gutted about the bloody 7805 but i suppose it could have been worse, could have not worked. A couple of the LEDs look brighter than the others too so need to check the resistors.

a few of mine are a bit dimmer, but cant be arsed to go through it all again Smile
Paradigm X Wrote:Then i broke off a voltage regulator ;

DOH! I hate fumbles like that. Great work Paradigm, shit looks nice and clean. I just got some new kits in myself that I'm drooling over starting. Picked up the highly liquid msa-p for midi triggering of my bent toys and tone boxes, as well as a bunch of random boards from synthrotek. SOLDER SOLDIERS!!!
Safetyboy - did you get some weird screwheads for putting together your case? mI tried to do it last night and its a weird, octogon type screwhead, well annoying, cant put it together! Ill have to buy some normal screws today.

Replaced the voltage reg and it all works, tuned correctly (well by ear and Cubase's tuning tool, close enough) but one or two leds are the wrong brightness, quite annoying. Grr!

Yo Dustin, yeah, saw those Liquid things, look pretty cool, got an old casiotone thing to bend at some point, my to build list is getting huge. Got a LIQUID HI HAT pcb on the way too, plus some 808 bits...

Cheers for the synthrotek link, some nice stuff there.

yeah there just like phone screws, security type, you can buy a screwdriver with all the sizes for about 4€

just bought a TR-707 last night too Icon_yippee
couldnt be arsed to wait in the end... got some normal screws Smile

cheers anyway. Have fun with the 707! Ive got my 909 now, you can so get lost in the boxes, and no BSODs, crashes, updates, grr!

Anyway, so ive finished pdx0x2! Well chuffed.

Grin sounds to follow.

[Image: x0x_01.jpg]

[Image: x0x_09.jpg]

[Image: x0x_11.jpg]
There a nice case! Icon_yippee
Lovely work.

Now my exam is done and passed time to review this thread for tips, get a decent soldering iron and start on my SammichSID.

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