What's the best USB Audio Interface available at the moment?

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anyone got ideas on what i should get? thinking fast track pro 4x4 or Audio Kontrol 1.
scrap that, stupid question
what did you go for? Im finding all the usb ones have to many outs and not enough ins Icon_sad , i have a firewire focusrite but its doing my head in with 4 ins and 8 outs , i'd prefer the other way round
nothing yet, i found a good thing on tweakheadz though http://www.tweakheadz.com/soundcards_for...studio.htm page 3 has a table of firewire cards with details of ins outs etc. I can only go with usb due to lappy having no firewire or pci slot but it's usb 2, and i'm thinking the fast track looks ok for my budget, i'm gonna use an anlogue mixer to bump up my inserts then just have the main out connected to the two ins, unless someone tells me that's a bad idea :-)

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