make £75 Sennheiser HD sound like £130 ones

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they say the 555's have the same drivers as the 595's
Jesus. Happy days!
where you getting £75 for the 555's from?

best i can find anywhere is £90 on ebay

still a decent saving though if it does indeed work, im ready for some new/better cans aswell Chin

not so convinced now after reading some of the comments lower down

"I have these headphones and I did this “mod” last year. The audio was very harsh and slightly distorted so I put the foam back in.

I can confirm that the bass was MUCH more powerful, though, but made the audio unbalanced. I probably could have worked up an EQ setting specifically for the headphones, but I wanted to be able to take my headphones anywhere and not worry about the sound quality.

I even did testing with the foam removed from only one cup, and it truly was worse.

I’m sure the replacement parts are the same, but it’s extremely common for parts that fail burn in tests to just be repackaged as a lower end product line, which is what I’m assuming is the case with 555 vs. 595."
Cheapest were on amazon 75 new 60 as new.

I never read comments just sharing a news feed Smile

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£70 delivered there.
very interesting Chin

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