Mixing desk buzzing - HELP PLEASE!

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I'll cut to the chase for once in my life;

Studiomaster P7 16:8:2 analogue desk, bought in 94 - never used to, but now emits very audible buzzing through the speakers, regardless of if the volume/faders are up and even when nothing's connected. When volume is up, buzzing doubles in volume if I output a further 2 soundcard outs to the desk (in addition to the other 2 going to sampler inputs).

If I connect the soundcard outputs directly to the (powered) monitors, it's crystal clear, same with the Akai etc. As the setup is at the moment, the buzzing is coming into the Akai when I sample from the soundcard outputs, even though it doesn't pass through the desk beforehand, it's a direct connection.

All desk channels are working fine, so I'm assuming it's something to do with the mixers power supply which is a 2u rackmount job with a xlr type cable connecting from that to the mixer. I've read about electrolytic capacitors needing to be replaced because of similar problems, and am wondering if that might be a solution and how/where I could get it done? Read about bad earths too, but don't really get all that stuff Icon_sad

Hoping I can replace the psu if it's goosed, not sure where to look though..,

Thanks, and sorry for not cutting to the chase at all Oops

have you tried diffrent cables to start off with? (sound card to desk)
Sounds like a ground loop problem to me. Ensure all kit is connected to the same multi plug and see if there is a difference.
Wave thanks for the replies

@ Neil - tried all cables, including the ones that are fine going straight from the card to the monitors

@ Ben - yeah, thought the same tbh, but even when I plug ONLY the mixer in to one socket, then out to the 2 monitors, it still does it. Same problem at my house as in my old studio location (physically moved everything to see if it'd make a difference). Also I think the equipment having bad earth or whatever is dispelled by the fact that all te same gear, going off all the same sockets/extension leads etc, is 100% ok when using my shitty little tapco 12 channel thing Icon_sad

Has to be the desk psu, surely?

Cheers for the input btw!
why am I getting deja vu? Chin
Fada Wrote:why am I getting deja vu? Chin

I put a similar post up a while ago - narrowed it down though now to being something other than cabling etc

Just got no idea how I go about getting the capacitors sorted if it is that
oh yeh the patchbay one Smile

well good luck with it anyway

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