USB/Firewire interface advice?

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OK, Ive been using a MOTU 828 Mkii for a few years, but thats gone now and I have to buy something new. Currently looking at a MOTU ultralite or maybe an 828 mkiii - I can get them on Thomann's ex VAT for about €400 and €600 respectively.

I basically need something to go from Ableton into a Mackie 28/12 desk, 8-12 + outputs, no real need for fancy inputs.

Im planning on moving over to a mac setup soon, but Im currently on PC so a hybrid USB/Firewire would be ideal.

Budget was originally as cheap as I could get, but it looks like I can stretch a bit further, so Im wondering, should expand my horizons a bit and look at other manufacturers or other configurations? Maybe go secondhand on something better? I use a focusrite liquid saffire in work, and its got some lovely mic pre-amps, but its a bit too bulky and more suited to recording...

Any help would be appreciated...
i have the mk3. it's been fine so far.

maybe go for the ultralite though, i've heard very good things about it, and also useful to take about if needed.
Yeah, was thinking that. I just noticed that Thomanns have returns listed as 'b-stock'. Could probably get either for about 350/550
Reckon Im gonna go with the ultralite mk3...

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