Oldschool pad sound help please!

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There's a particular pad sound which I've been trying to get for a while and I just can't get it right.

The thing is, I'm pretty sure I had a sample of the exact pad once upon a time but I don't seem to have it anymore.

It's used in the tune below and comes in around 2:08 and has qualities of both vocal and organ sounds.

If someone could either point me in the direction of a sample of this sound, or have a crack at synthesising it I would be eternally grateful! Kisskiss

Got it on my Amiga, tucked deep away somewhere. Icon_sad

Sure it must be on one of the Jungle Warfare CDs?
Wilshy Wrote:Got it on my Amiga, tucked deep away somewhere. Icon_sad

Sure it must be on one of the Jungle Warfare CDs?

I thought that myself actually.

I've only got the first one, not the second or third though and it's not on the first one.

I also thought it was from either the Korg M1 or the JV-1080 cos I used to use both of them in an old studio back in about 94 and pretty sure I used this same pad sound back then a couple of times.
I checked through both sound banks on synthmania earlier today and couldn't find it on either of those.

Ah well, I approximated something similar enough but it doesn't have the same wide airy feel this one does..
It's on the X-Static Goldmine CD, disc 2 track 18.
cough, ive 'dissipated' that cd on here before... cough. photek thread maybe? or check the sample group.
Thanks chaps!

PDX, I've 'discovered' your post Wink Kisskiss
I had it all along then! Skygene with the knowledge Wink
Spot on Skygene! you're a life saver!

It was the last element missing from a tune I've been working on. It fits perfectly!
I'll post up the result next week Wink
Glad I could help Smile
Now the weekend is out the way I can let you know that I needed the pad for a remix I've done of that Dextrous track I posted.

I spoke to Dextrous and he said I can give it out to people if they want it so I'll get it up on my (seriously neglected) Soundcloud later and post up a link Grin
Here it is Xyxthumbs


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