Quantizing? (fl studio)

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I have a quick question about quantizing. I'm currently using fl studio. When I throw a break into the slicer, some breaks will be within the grid lines (the amen), thus easier to chop from the beginning. However others breaks such as soul pride, etc, do not fit in the lines of the grid and it makes it harder to chop, and when I quantize it to center the break, it messes up the break and makes it sound like there are gaps between the hits...? Not sure how to fix this...
I use Reaper not FL Studio but I wonder if it has to do with how big/many bars is the sample your loading up.
Soul Pride is ~ 247 hits so the auto detect might not work as well as it would if you worked with a smaller section of it (1-4 bars)

I chop by hand but for the larger breaks like soulpride I do it a bar at a time in a sense:


I load the whole break in and find each looping bar then detect the tempo of each as well
Then I chop and the grid lines for each bar match up much closer and I can still extract a bit of the midi groove but keep everything quantized for every bar.
With every bar quantized the rest of the notes fall close to where they should.


if I don't chop it into the bars first though the quantizing is thrown off and I have to do a lot of manual adjusting.

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I think it boils down to chopping not being an exact science. If you're taking a break that in its essence isn't quantised to begin with when you start chopping it won't be quantised. Chopping is about finding the transients in breaks so you can the rearrange & quantise as YOU want.

So it you take an original break, drummed by Mr Ikes drummer back in the funk days he is playing the drums humanly and thus not quantised. You have to find his drums transients as a result and then quantise.

Quick response, so not very detailed.
Thanks for the tips guys. I guess chopping breaks is a bit more complicated than I thought, and no break is perfect. I'll find a way to work around it.
I've had similar issues in flstudio; I just go in and manually quantise em such that they sound "right". Also, if you go into the quantise settings, you can preserve start/end times, lenghth and such; it may work for you.
Just been playing around with it, and all my nice freeflowing breaks sound just like that. Try Slicex - the same job but slightly better GUI, and much better results.
Or else, manually... it's really fun in FL as it was originally designed to be a drum machine.
I've been in greece for the last couple weeks, and I didn't bring my laptop so I haven't been able to get at it! Icon_sad