Turntable isolation

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What are the best ways of isolating turntables from vibrations? Half tennis balls, folded bog roll etc.
I was going to say concrete blocks but then I found this comment on a forum:

Although this solution might be a bit drastic for "home" use, we frequently fixed the problem by isolating each turntable onto its own 4-6" metal pole, filled with cement all the way down to the building's foundation. On the top of the pole, a thick metal "plate" cut into a rectangular shape would be adhered to the pole (usually by welding), on top of which the turntable would then be placed. Keep in mind that this would be done for at least two turntables near each other, and sometimes a metal bar would be suspended between the turntable pole to allow for a professional rack-mount-styled CD deck to be mounted between the turntables. This solution never failed us, even when playing VERY bass-heavy records very loudly.

Other solutions which sometimes helped when the above solution was not available: suspending the turntables onto bed/mattress-styled box springs, which were then attached to a piece of plywood to fit under the turntable; using cat-food cans covered in rubber bands to go under each turntable "foot;" heavy/thick/dense "foam" sponges under the entire turntable; granite counter top pieces cut slightly larger than the turntable itself onto which to place the turntables; and so on.

I would like to try the cat food can rubber band method, he didn't say if the cat food still had to be in them though. Hope this helps
somebody else put this though:

My advice would be to stay away from concrete pavers, sandboxes, lead-filled plinths...its just more mass that resonance need to be drained from. A light, stiff board on an inner tube works best. If you can place your TT on rollerblocks, so much the better.
Depends on the usage, the above solutions for brutal if it's just for listening purposes! There are far more ergonomic solutions available in the hifi market and specifically for the SLs.

Here's a good start http://www.hi-fi-accessories-1.com/isola...s-home.htm. Then you could go for something like http://www.amazon.co.uk/PRO-JECT-PROJECT...B006YOC72K to isolate vibrations more and flattens the vinyl down so the stylus sits in the grooves better so any vibrations are better dealt with.

I might be in the wrong ballpark but if it's helps Xyxthumbs
Nice stuff. I should've mentioned that I was looking for a temporary solution. Me and some mates are "taking over" a club night for a once off all vinyl night. I haven't been to the club so I'm not sure how the PA is set up. They've had one all vinyl night there without issue, we're just looking for extra precautions.
Some pieces of high density foam that sit underneath the whole of each deck is good that are about 10cm thick as a minimum
beats are there to be broken http://musicindevon.org/

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