Anyone thinking of upgrading a usb (focusrite) interface?

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Ive got a Focusrite pro24 DSP (firewire) which is too much for my needs now, i only really need two in two out, mine has 6 outs, 4 ins and 2 headphones, with the DSP room thingy.

Anyone interested in part exchanging theirs for mine with some cash adjustment?

Im quite snobby re sound so itd have to be a focusrite or better, no Maudio or similar crap, let me know if potentially interested and maybe we can work something out. Also needs to be USB not firewire so can also use with laptop.

Otherwise wil go pon bay.

Cash offers also considered.

Im in the UK and would prefer to do here where poss. Its in as new condition, never left my non smoking studio, 2 years old or so.

Cheers, Ben

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