SC rettles 10 year anniversary giveaway

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in celebration of 10 years of SC...

[SIZE="4"]all subvert central volumes are free[/SIZE]

...until I decide to stop celebrating, which may not be too long :P

sc vol.1 ep

alpha omega - swingers / militant thoughts
blue - suck / nextploitations / my mind is going
pieter k - crossroads / maze

sc vol.2 ep

fracture & neptune - visions of amen / clouds over memphis / visions
sileni - another track / random bullshit / daytime jackhammering
uzhas - soulkast / dissident - taiga

sc vol.3 lp

dj trax - this one / the tribe / throwback (feat. cryme)
atomhead - cyclotron / betatron / psytron
macc - mean streets / mr mitcheson's rhythm method
nubian mindz - pure / seven / sound mission
formication - catastrophe in blue
fanu - children / this behavior is not unique

low-bit-rate audio online at soundcloud

anyone who wants copies of any or all of them, just send me a pm

contributions to postage are very welcome
paypal to jatait47 at btinternet dot com
but they're not compulsory

Lisa Wave Wave Rainbow
wow Eek
hell yeah! i think i got them all already, but i'll have to check at home...
I should mention that there are only half a dozen copies left of Vol.1, so if anyone wants this one they should move fast.

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PM Sent!
pm sent!

all hail statto!!
MetaLX Wrote:Kingstatto

PM sent!
on it like a car bonnet

vol 1 bukem rare.
arrived this morning, the collection is complete Icon_yippee
fonik Wrote:arrived this morning, the collection is complete Icon_yippee

Same here. Thanks so much Jon you're an absolute diamond Smile
cheers jon Icon_yippee
beats are there to be broken
Yay! Happy Anniversary to us! Pretty sure I have them all but must check Kisskiss
Co..Cou...Could you possibly rewind and come again?
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Forgot how much Macc killed it on Mean Streets!
last two days
last two copies of Vol.1

Hey Statto,

Thanks for sending them out. Got all my copies now! Arrived this morning and can't wait to get home and check them out! Big up! Smile

DJ ML Wrote:Xyxthumbs


Statto Wrote:last two days
last two copies of Vol.1


repress ?
funny guy :P
Will there ever be a Subvert Central 4?????
247 Wrote:Will there ever be a Subvert Central 4?????

it's very unlikely, but who knows