RIP Prince

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Another legend taken far too early Icon_sad




certainly a fantastically talented guy

(though I never really liked any of his music)
Indeed RIP - it's getting ridiculous lately, they're dropping like flies.
Music critic for the Tally Ho
Hope he finds some peace.
I've always had this fantasy theory that if Prince appeared to the world as a house producer.. "house" would have been an entirely different machine. Could you imagine?  I think about that sometimes. heh. 

Over the years, I've heard Minneapolis peeps like Bob Mould, Grant Hart, etc. talk about what Minneapolis was like in the early 80's - hardcore punk gigs on one end of town, and Prince, The Time, funk, etc on the other.  Such a diversion, but completely "no fucks given" attitudes in both presentations of music. I think its crazy how local Prince stayed in the area, even though in his own world, compound, etc. Fascinating existence.  HAVE YOU HEARD PRINCE cover The Foo Fighter's "Best of You" from a few years ago? It is a trip. 6:17 mins in the vid below.

Respects all around. That was a FUNKY mofo. LighterLighterLighter

Prince's legendary Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show in 2007.

Setlist included:

"We Will Rock You"
"Let's Go Crazy"
"Baby I'm a Star"
"Proud Mary"
"All Along the Watchtower"
"Best of You"
"Purple Rain"
Speaking of which, Bob Mould's eulogy for Prince:

"..I never spoke with Prince. He always struck me as a private guy. Maybe he was shy around strangers. We never had much actual interaction – a couple nods in passing, but no real words were exchanged.

The Twin Cities of the 1980s was a very special time for all of us local musicians. There were the North Minneapolis R&B artists, the South Minneapolis guitar rock bands, and in the center of it all was First Avenue/7th Street Entry.

I’ve seen Prince perform sold out shows with The Revolution at First Ave, he and a rhythm section jamming as a guitar/bass/drums three piece in the Entry for 30 people, and was selfishly frustrated when he took over “the main room” for 25 days of filming Purple Rain.

I had the pleasure of spending seven days recording the basic tracks for my first solo album at Paisley Park in December 1988. It was the most professional studio I had ever seen at that point in my life. On the seventh day, I moved from the B room to Studio A, which was Prince’s primary room. I remember seeing Sheila E’s percussion in one of the isolation booths. The large control room was decorated with several of Prince’s scarves. It certainly felt like Prince’s home.

Prince was an artist through and through – always pushing himself to new levels, often creating controversy through his actions and words, and ultimately creating a lifetime of wonderful memories for the world with his incredible volumes of published (and unheard) works.

I heard the news while driving from Tomah WI to Minneapolis. I immediately flipped on The Current 89.3 FM to make sure what I was hearing was true. Sure enough, there was a live report from outside Paisley Park confirming the sad news of Prince’s passing.

I’m two blocks from First Avenue as I write these words. Friday and Saturday nights, I will walk that same stage we all know from the movie. The exterior walls of First Avenue are covered with stars to honor the musicians who made an impact on music fans in Minnesota.

Make no mistake: Prince was the brightest star in these Northern skies. My deepest condolences to his family, friends, and fellow musicians. Prince’s music will give consolation and comfort to the collective grief. Godspeed."

- Bob Mould, April 21, 2016
Also, Paul Westerberg's Prince eulogy. Good read Smile

"..I've spent more time with Bob Dylan, and I've got to say that I was more in awe of Prince. I can't think of anyone better – an all-around composer, musician, guitarist, star, showman, the whole package, anyone better. If Elvis wrote all of his songs and played guitar, it still wouldn't quite be there. He'd play Jimi Hendrix-style, between his legs and behind his back. And then he'd do the splits. He could put the guitar down, and Jimi would become James Brown. He could hold the crowd like Mick Jagger, but could Mick Jagger play the piano like that? And then, lyrically, there's something like, "When Doves Cry." There's obviously more going on there than meets the booty.

When I got word today, I was trying to write a song. I put it down. I found myself walking up to the store, and I bought myself a handful of colorful clothes. I was just drawn to do something that he would have done."

- Paul Westerberg, April 22, 2016
Prince incensed house music anyway, not the other way around. Because he had the funk background of James Brown.
My brother & I were just talking about Prince in the car.

My brother & I connect on music in a few respects, but I've never had a music related convo with my brother about Prince.. ever. We talked about Venetian Snares, CBC Radio back in the day, The Cure just played outdoor shows in Vancouver the other week, Paul Westerberg's Prince tribute I posted, and Quest Love's jamming with Prince stories. I learned my brother was a casual Prince fan from afar, I never really knew. My brother is intrigued in how odd Prince's life was. heh.

My brother mentioned Prince's version of "Whole Lotta Love". boh!

I listened to this today.


..Loring Park Sessions ’77, a series of free recording sessions in the studio of Loring Park (Minneapolis) owned by Owen Husney, Prince’s first manager. Eight tracks, all instrumental and untitled, realized with the participation of bassist Andre’ Cymone and drummer Bobby Z, who will soon become members of Prince’s first band. The sound is the popular style that was trending at that time, funk & jazz mixed with fantasy and tenacity..

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