Longformacus (drone) - Freak Demon [Bandcamp]

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a granular piece. one super modded synth patch used.
works on loop.
free dl? just ask Smile

any feedback much appreciated.
Seeing as I do not want to make a fuss of my own work, here I have transformed this cache into a 1/1/1/1/1/1 type thing for each producer subset by me. this means that I do not wish to make multiple attention seeking threads for the same producer Teef even if the forum is basically a split website anyways - from, say, an active forum for other projects. 

"Lost In The Chaos" is the track I'm most looking for feedback on, a sort of period soundtrack-y piece of the Delia Derbyshire and Philip Glass style. My muscles on the keyboard, despite stretching are wearing out this morning - need more medicine, but painkillers only ease pain. 

"You Beauty" is the title of the EP - https://focisleft.bandcamp.com/album/you-beauty-ep

3 tracks there for your listening. 

Do you wanna know why, really, I still make this stuff? Without me being pseud confronting? It's simply because I love it. It's only because I love what I make that I've been able to do this. 

Music by Annastay, Bat For Lashes, Lana Del Rey, Bjork, Stevie Nicks et al will always be my "go-to" in times of spiritual need, and there's lots of newer projects on top of that which are good, such as Florence And The Robots (Machine), St. Vincent, Sia, Sigrid, Billie Eilish and Warpaint. I love strong female artists.
I actually need to make very little physical effort today to move people - Naphta reminded me "he who controls the words, controls the universe". It is like that, not pompously; life is like that. In life we constantly channel others; every person is a medium. We communicate to people on the internet, the good ones will respond to you in a "normal" way. Don't try to look for anything else, people.

I ultimately also talk so much on the net because of my looping autism and schizophrenia stopping me advancing in real life. Additionally because I have nothing truly hidden. So every day is a chance to do it all again. To look for new openings. I'm a regenerating zombie. Doesn't have to be Grandmaster chess, that's not what most of us are looking toward. You have to keep your wits about you, and that's what "Lost In Chaos" is about, really. Because it's like that. Life's like that. You live thirty years as an able-bodied, upwardly mobile student of music, then in the next two years you feel like you've hit 60, then 90. All at once. Total shelving paralysis. Your body is cut in half. Feels like you've been shot down the spine with a nail-gun. You cease to exist any more. And it is like something has really died, that sense of shock.

But all through it, the electricity meter keeps ticking. Bills keep getting paid.

It's an overdramatised way of saying that stretching might be my past time of 2020. It's fun Smile Yeeeeah Baloo, now where's that tree to scratch up against...
There's a plenitude of depth in this track, which seems to meander along in its own, fuzzy way, bits of cotton candy ethereal melody edging in when they can. It's also one of the most depressing things I've ever heard. Not me, personally, since you asked, I am talking about the general listener base.

With every young person under thirty listening almost exclusively to local or auto-tuned trap musics, it's quite depressing for me to have to force this out there in the open, but force I shall, as nobody in their right mind would look for it. Most people do not know music like this exists. It's the same for lots of artists who migrated from www.subvertcentral.com, www.deepersounds.net and www.dogsonacid.com, onto Twitter and other social networks.

Of course anomalies exist. But they are few and far between. You can find over 130 albums just like this on my Bandcamp page - www.focisleft.bandcamp.com


Longformacus - Lost In The Midst

31 new viewers, meaning listeners, in the last day...makes Squatchlax put his mind at ease; munch munch munch...just put the recycling bins out the back garden in the last hour or two...wash wash hands...the shops are queued to the limit around the block, total roadblock...both Morrisons and ASDA. I took the smart move because I was only looking to buy meat and used the butchers. Thanks people supporting me helping to keep me happy and healthy...I will kick my addictions...it's gradually happening
Lost in the Midst is nicely ethereal Rainbow
Thank you Kisskiss

I'm making a post in the production forum for my latest compact disc experiment - PathO(ptimist) - Extracts From Korg Kaossilator LP


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