Poor quality samples - is there a cure?

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i would like to know what people use to get rid of the eggs & bacon in the background of there samples? I got a good bunch of samples from wavcentral and the quality of these are horrible but would be very good to use in a tune. I tried to get rid of the unwanted bits by using the "Noise" option plugin and EQ'd the dam thing to death. It still didnt sound just right, the sample sounded hollow and no good.

also, do you guys do all your Reverbing and Effects to your vocal riffs before you put it in Cubase or after you imported it?

bare with me, i will have more questions later.
did u use the learn function in Noise?

I never knew about that function and use to just run Noise through all the frequencies of the file... didn't sound too good.

ignore if you already do that.
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yeah...the "learn" function is the key. it's night and day for noise reduction....

here's what you do...

a) find a part of the break or audio file you want to reduce the noise on, where there is as little (or none) instrument sound as possible. then isolate THAT part, where it should just be the hiss or crackle that you're trying to zone in on.

b) loop this section and hit the "learn" button on x-noise, then hit it again once it's run through the loop to turn it off.

c) once you have the selected frequencies learned, run the processor on the whole audio file and adjust the threshold and reduction sliders as necessary.

it really helps....but, like the golden rule states, if it's a shit file to start with, it's much easier to scap it and find a GOOD source file if at all possible.

hope this helps...
Also when u loop the section there's almost always some lower frequencies from the clicking or other that you don't want touched that's usually part of the kick that gets "learned", just add a -eq before the Noise in the fx chain so you're left with the pure noise.
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those waves plugins = Homerdrool
yeah...true say profane. i forgot to mention that...

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